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Corporate Gift Solution – That Connects People

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“Corporate Gifts Supplier Malaysia That Understand Your Needs”

As a corporate gifts supplier Malaysia, our key focus is on harmonious relationships between people, we gain a better understanding of how the art of giving connects people emotionally.We treat people, and things to the best of our ability and achieve win-win goals.

About Us

Brand Story

An ideal custom corporate gift is one that forges company’s professional image and leaves enduring memories for its recipients. But the idea of planning it from scratch can be daunting – theme design, packaging style, product selections, brand alignment as well as safe delivery. In Certo, curating the perfect corporate gifting solution is made simple yet warming.

Certo, also known as corporate gift supplier Malaysia was established in 2011 and started out with the belief and commitment to connect people through meaningful gift-giving. From creative design and handpicked products to doorstep delivery, we transform your ideas into reality. The impeccable balance between professional corporate style and creative customised gift is Certo’s ultimate goal.


• Inheriting the gifts culture

• Crafting a harmony world

• Empowering The Great Unity


• Connecting hearts with innovative gift

• Conveying Love

• Creating Happiness every day

Core Value Of Corporate Gifts Supplier Malaysia


Build Credibility

We hold high in honesty & sincerity .

We believe trust is built & respect is earned through continuous successful project delivery.


Be Energetic

Energetic⚡️ = Love❤️ + Passion🔥

We are a corporate gifts supplier Malaysia that enthusiastic in what we do daily. We like to see people happy. We are passionate in bringing happiness to people that we touched.


Take Responsibility

We hold accountable to successfully accomplished every mission & job assigned.

We go Extra Mile to improve the Process & Result.


I’m Thankful

As a corporate gifts supplier Malaysia, we are thankful with the services that we could provide, to the clients who provides us the opportunities, and to all parties that we work closely with.

We are thankful that we could make a positive impact in communities where we live and work.


Adopt Openness

We adopt openness in peoples’ ideas and feedback.

We strike to improve 1% everyday.

CERTO Family Member Activity

Christmas and Annual Dinner 2021

Chinese New Year 

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 

Company Sports Day 

Badminton Session 2022

Birthday Babies

For more information, kindly visit our YouTube page.

About Us

Explore Your Creativity with Us

Discover the creative in you : Explore the unknown, and we, corporate gifts supplier malaysia help you to transform imagination into reality.