Waterproof VS. Water Resistant Backpacks

Waterproof VS. Water Resistant Backpacks
August 10, 2018 admin
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Heading to a rainy city, that means you should buy a waterproof backpack, right?

You should know the difference of waterproof bag and water resistance bag. This will ensure you to keep your belongings safe and dry while dealing with water trips or activities. And no, waterproof and water resistant are not the same thing. These are two materials that have very different uses. Especially when it comes to creating items of clothing or backpacks. Understanding the difference between each type of backpack and its benefits is essential to ensuring that you end up with the correct product for your activity or trip. It’s a pretty common misconception between waterproof and water-resistant.

The difference between waterproof and water-resistant

A backpack that carries the “waterproof” label can be entirely submersed completely underwater. It can be submerged completely for a long time and there won’t be a single drop of water entering the backpack. Whereas lesser protection would be sufficient for users who expect to be caught under light rainfall, waterproof protection will even keep your personal belongings dry when walking through a waterfall.

However, water-resistant backpacks do not entirely protect liquid from entering. They are more suited to protection from the weather, and situations in which the wearer might expect to take some water from splashing, but not to enter the water itself. The longer it is exposed to water, the chances of it letting the liquid in are high. Possibly is coated with a very light substance that helps improve the device’s chances of surviving an encounter with water.  Water resistance can provide anywhere from enough protection for light drizzle, up to protection enough to shield equipment from a downpour.


There are two main factors to check to classify whether it is falls in the same category. Which is to check the zippers and fabric. If you see coated zippers on a backpack, that’s a clue your bag will perform well in heavy rain. Coated zippers will keep water out of the bag in one of the most unprotected places, since zippers are full of holes. The more resistant it will be to penetration by water.

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